The most popular knitted fabrics from our offer with characteristics.

1.Standard 1 Knitted fabric Standard 150g 100% polyester microfilament, fast drying, very durable and pleasant to the touch. Perfectly suited for shirts and shorts for football, volleyball, advertising shirts, for runners.

2. tear 1 Knitwear for tear type shirts 130g 100% microfilament polyester, very breathable, fast drying. Perfect for joggers, summer polo shirts, beach volleyball football shirts.

3. tear 2 tear type knitted fabric 210g 100% microfilament polyester, thicker knitted fabric, very durable. Perfect for polo shirts.

Elastic 1 Knitted Elastic 125g 81% polyester 19% elastomer. Very elastic, breathable, pleasant to the touch. Perfect for volleyball shirts, thermo-active clothing, fitness clothing, sports bras, caps.

Elastic 2 Knitted Elastic 230g 87% polyester 13% elastomer. Very elastic, thicker knitted fabric perfect for leggings, does not cause clearances, sports hats, warmer thermoactive clothing.

6. Pique 1 Knitted fabric for sweatshirts and sweatpants 210g 100% polyester on the inside - nice to the touch like a fleece, outer side pique weave very durable and easy to wash. Products made from this fabric are easy to clean, fast drying and very durable.

7. Softshell 1 Knitted fabric Softsfell is a modern domestic fabric with a weight of 320g/m2 used for jackets. It is a waterproof and vapour-permeable laminate consisting of three layers of fabric/membrane/polar. Breathability 5000g/m2/24h water resistance 10 000 h2o mm

Our offer includes nearly 500 different types of knitted and polyester fabrics and more. We can choose knitted and crocheted fabrics to suit the customer's expectations, sports discipline and conditions in which the product made of it will be used.